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Importance of Proper Furniture Care

Most people choose furniture with a great deal of attention. After all, a carefully chosen furniture regardless if it is a closet, kitchen table or garden set does not only serve its purpose well but it also compliments the overall beauty of the home and reveals the homeowner’s taste in style and design. However, each piece of furniture requires proper care to keep it beautiful as long as possible as well as to extend its durability.

The type and amount of care your furniture requires depends on several factors but in the first place, it depends on the type of material of which it is made. Some materials automatically require more care than the others and this is most obvious in furniture that is used outdoors. Indoor furniture is not exposed to rapid temperature changes, moisture and insects which cannot be claimed for outdoor furniture that has to withstand intense UV radiation, rain, frost, heat, mould and insects. Garden and patio furniture is therefore most often made of materials that are naturally resistant to the mentioned outdoor elements or is treated with special coatings that prevent harsh outdoor conditions from causing damage to it and affect its aesthetic appeal. However, these protective treatments fade through time and materials which are not naturally resistant to the outdoor elements therefore require frequent inspection and more or less frequent treatment with protective coatings. For that reason many homeowners, especially those who want their furniture to look beautiful with minimal or no care pay a lot of attention to materials when buying new furniture. There is no way to avoid occasional dusting and cleaning but there are a few materials such as teak and stainless steel for instance which require nothing more than that.

If you are considering buying new furniture, you are highly recommended to be careful with the selection of the furniture material. The latter is particularly important when choosing garden or bathroom furniture because it is exposed to outdoor elements and high moisture levels, respectively, which cause damage to most types of materials. But if you already bought a furniture, then you should care for it the best you can in order to protect it from factors that can damage to its beauty and shorten its durability. As already mentioned earlier, the amount and type of care your furniture requires depends on the material of which it is made. Also, keep in mind that there are several types of each material. Wood furniture care for instance varies greatly from one type of wood to another. Teak for example, is resistant to moisture, rain, rapid temperature changes and insects and needs only occasional dusting and cleaning, while oak which is an excellent choice for furniture as well requires more care because it does not have the same properties as teak. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for care and maintenance or consult with an expert if you are not sure how to care for your furniture. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially if you own a fine furniture.